Me Smooth Reviews

Me Smooth ReviewsWhat makes the Tanda Me Smooth at home hair removal kit different from the rest is that it’s FDA approved and effective for hair removal on all types of skin tones and hair colors. If you are a blonde, redhead, have grey hairs or darker skin tones the Tanda Me Smooth will work for you.

Tanda Me Smooth Works For All Skin Tones & Hair Colors

Most laser hair removal machines on the market only work for lighter/medium skin combinations but the  Me Smooth works for everyone thanks to its special RF (Radio Frequency) technology which allows the use of a lower level of energy even on darker skin tones. Since the device offers universal voltage it will work fine in other countries as long as you have an adapter.

Permanent Hairlessness For Face & Body

The Me Smooth offers permanent hair removal on the face and body. The Tanda Me Smooth utilizes technology developed from the same scientists who invented IPL to destroy hair follicles and prevents them from growing back. Me Smooth reviews indicated that 46% of users noticed hair reduction after just 2 weeks  and significant less hair after the 6 week treatment protocol.

The Me Smooth Does Not Require Charging

Me Smooth is a plug in device which means it won’t require charging. It does require cartridges and comes with a cartridge with 6000 pulses.  The only con is the cost of the cartridges which is $50 but despite the price still significantly more affordable compared to professional treatments.

What Users Had To Say About The Me Smooth 

According to Me Smooth reviews on Amazon, users reported significant hair loss and bald patches in areas where hair used to grow. Some users noted slower hair growth after the first usage.

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  • Technology
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
Pros: Works on all skin tones and hair colors, doesn't require charging, permanent results in as little as
Cons: Cartridge refills at $50 a pop