How Laser Hair Removal Technology Works

The very first laser hair removal machines were initially reduced on the market in 1997. These machines have been cleared by the FDA to reduce hair growth on a permanent basis. This means that laser hair removal will not be able to remove hair permanently. However one

Tria 4x Laser Review

Tria Hair Removal Reviews, Tria Laser 4x Looking for Tria hair removalĀ reviews? Read our in-depth Tria laser review in order to find out if it’s right for you. is currently the most advanced FDA- Approved laser available for at home use; its patented laser diode technology is

IPL At Home

IPL At Home Considering IPL laser hair removal? IPL machines are one of the most affordable ways to remove hair at home on a permanent basis. IPL machines transmit by emitting wavelengths into the dermis and destroys hair producing cells. Which IPL At Home Machine Works On

Tria Precision

The Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Tria Beauty manufactures two lasers; The Tria 4x and Tria hair removal laser Precision. What makes them different is that the Tria 4x is meant for full body usage while the Tria Precision has a finer and smaller angled surface are

Tanda Me Smooth

Me Smooth Reviews What makes the at home hair removal kit different from the rest is that it’s FDA approved and effective for hair removal on all types of skin tones and hair colors. If you are a blonde, redhead, have grey hairs or darker skin tones
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