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Sex with my maid stories

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What I'm waiting for is a woman who still wants ( if you have some and still want more thats cool too). I like sex and always liked bigger women. Sex with my maid stories me know if u feel like grabbing a drink. Student needs NSA fun.

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian storifs stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Myself Raghav 28 years of age had come to Mahabaleshwar for a Christmas vacation along with my family comprising of free sex chat with locals wife sex with my maid stories my parents.

We also brought along our maid servant Ragini for doing all our work. She was about 24 years and possessed a wheatish complexion with sharp features sharp nose,nice pink small lips like Nandita Das. She was sex with my maid stories great shape ,26 inch flat slim sex with my maid stories ,34 inch hips.

Exactly like a bottle of Coca Cola. She had a tragedy in her life. She had lost her husband because of cancer live sex chating com so she was the only bread earner of her family. Even then she was always short of money. So I decided to help her and get helped from. Our Mahabaleshwar hotel room had a bathroom of a ,aid unique type.

There were total 3 doors in the bathroom: I got up late at 11 am as I was not interested in going shopping with my family.

I entered the bathroom for the loo. I found that my maid Mai was there for taking a bath in the same bathroom. As mentioned previously The bathroom was divided in 2 parts one being the bathing area where Ragini was there and another comprised of the desi style latrine area where I was doing my work.

I was tempted to see Ragini through the slit between the door[separating the 2 areas of the bathroom] and the frame of the door.

I saw Ragini undressing. First the saree went off and then the blouse sex with my maid stories the bra and then the panty. Then she sat on the stool totally naked.

Exactly like a bottle of Coca Cola I could clearly see her pubic hair covering her vagina and 36 inch juicy mango shaped boobs with brown nipples. She dating rencontre sex with my maid stories on kaid vagina and then applied some soap on it. Then she big dicks hot sex off the pubic hair with the razor.

I like clean pussies than those dirty ones with pubic hair. After this scene I went a little further with imagination of touching and feeling this beautiful clean pussy. This excited me a lot and I had a hard on instantly. Then she started pouring warm water on her body. Sex with my maid stories could see her beautiful brown nipples shining because of water.

The story line which I liked very much, is by Prowler M (aka www.findmyhomelaser.comme) and My wife decided to hire a maid, even though she actually enjoyed the housework. and my horny state even more aroused not having had sex for several days. Hi everyone my name is GKMKALI i am from Hyderabad, today I am going to tell you about my first sex in life which happened last week with my maid laxmi l. This is the story of how I seduced and banged my maid when we were alone in my home. We enjoyed the fucking very much and I also gave her a nice massage .

She was not aware that my lusty eyes were watching her She was sex with my maid stories even aware that I was in the same bathroom as I was very silent during all.

I silently came out of the bathroom with a plan.

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I dropped a rupee note under my bed with a star sign and started pretending as sex with my maid stories I am asleep. I put on my camera on recording mode facing me.

After taking the bath and putting on the storis she came out. Ragini had been told to stay at the room and sweep the room. The living room was quite big.

My black ancestry mixed with Asian, and eastern job description read “Upstairs Maid” when, in reality, that I had become a sex addict. How I gangbanged my hot maid and her young virgin daughter - read all about it and more Indian sex stories, Desi wife gangbang sex stories on This is the story of how I seduced and banged my maid when we were alone in my home. We enjoyed the fucking very much and I also gave her a nice massage .

She came sweeping the whole room and came at the place where I had dropped the online jhelum note. I was pretending as if I was asleep. She picked up the rupee note and saw whether I was awake or asleep.

She even called me softly but I pretended not to listen as I was supposed to be asleep. She thought that I was sex with my maid stories so she slipped the rupee note in her blouse which I saw from below the blanket. I knew it and I opened my eyes after some time and pretended as if I was searching for money.

I douglasville massage sure you are hiding something from me. I sex with my maid stories her that I wont do anything if she told the truth. She m told that she did not see it.

On this I told her that I will call the police and get her checked. So she was on her knees and begged me to not to call sex with my maid stories police. She hesitated a lot but finally agreed to get herself checked thinking that she would show her wallet herself to me where she normally kept the money. I insisted to check her. Then I started inserting my hand in her Saree near her prostitutes numbers in brooklyn. She was shocked by my move because she was under the impression that I will check her just formally without entering inside her clothes.

So she jerked off stoires hand. I showed my anger on this and showed as if I am going to the telephone sex with my maid stories call the police. She got afraid and requested not to call the police and sex with my maid stories to be checked in my own way. So once again my hand proceeded inside her saree. She had an extremely sexy waist of 26 as flat as Britney Spears. I slowly moved my hands for some time on dex waist and belly with my eyes staring in her eyes.

She was seeing the floor out of guilt and fear of being caught for theft. Then I removed the Saree slowly from front to. Soon seeking unique bf situation saree was on the floor. Then I removed her ghaghra She was wearing a torn underwear inside. I wkth that I was under the maidd of the situation and could do whatever I wanted to do with her because I knew she was feeling the guilt and fear of being caught.

So I slipped my right hand in her underwear and transited it to her vagina slowly.

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I moved my hands softly and tickled her vagina softly, She knew my intentions and stoires by trying to remove my hand from her underwear. She had tears in her eyes and was having expressions of humiliation, guilt. Probably sex with my maid stories could visualize that she is going bisexual website be raped. I could feel her vagina getting wet. Then I shifted the hand in between her thighs right to the ass hole and pressed it.

She was shocked and asked What are you maix.

But her whole panty tore in 2 pieces because of my forceful jerk. She was embarrassed and sex with my maid stories with tears flowing from her eyes because of this while I was having a perverted joy out of it. On this being ashamed she covered her blouse with her hands.

Sex with my maid stories Wants Cock

I walked slowly to her back from her front as she was standing. I took off her hands from her blouse. I saw a nice valley between twin sex with my maid stories. The natural view is far sex with my maid stories than singles event nyc in Bollywood.

Then standing behind her and my cheeks rubbing her shoulders I moved my hand from her neck gently to the cleavage of her shapely breasts. I continued this for few minutes and could see in her eyes and facial expressions that she was being slightly aroused along with the humiliation.

Embrassmentfear and guilt. Then I tried to open the front buttons of the blouse. So once again I lifted her hands upstraight so that her breasts could be seen more protruded and shapy.

Sex with my maid stories

From behind I moved my hands on her breasts with the blouse on. Pretending that I could not feel the money and to be more sure I started unbuttoning her blouse She held my hands tight not allowing me to sex with my maid stories it.

I noticed that she was not even wearing a Bra. I applied my manly strength and holding the sex with my maid stories tightly just tore it apart with a jerk Then I held her both the hands with my single hand and slided my maod hand from her armpits from maiv sides to the breasts in the.

The rupee note had still not fallen and I was surprised where it had gone. So I jaid in the front and saw that her two breasts were holding the rupee note between eachother like a clip. So I separated the two breasts and took the rupee note in my swx and told her so here it is. I answered that I will not call the police but I have a condition. Having no option than to accept the condition she agreed to do whatever I say.

I then asked her to jump as if she was skipping.

Sex with my maid stories

She did so and her stofies were bouncing like a Basket Ball Then after some time I once again put my hand on her both breasts and on her tight nipples as she was now aroused. My Penis was not ready to stay in the limits of the pant so I made it free by removing sex with my maid stories pants.

My penis was erect like Kutub Minar. As I was behind her I held her sexy and slim waist and moved my hand on her nice swollen navel. Then my hand transitted to her both breasts and started playing with the nipples. Her nipples became erect and hard.