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Written by Poncho 4 August Four veteran surfers paired with four juniors on remote surf breaks in the Mentawai Islands.

While on the Red Bull Minor Threat project, four junior surfers learned from the four veterans about life on the road, professional contests, staying afloat in the industry and. But the veterans will also learn from se bull looking for a Minot juniors how to stay cutting edge and progressive and at the top of their game.

Based on the Indies Trader 4 boat, both young and old pushed fod another to progress their skill level in surfing — masterly documented by photographer Brian Bielmann. The Mentawai Islands.

The Mentawais pronounced men-TAH-wee lie off the western coastline of the Indonesian island of Sumatra -- nautical miles southeast of Nias. They consist of four large islands and numerous smaller ones, some charted and some not, strung out along a line from 3.

A bit of Mentawais history: One story has a Californian shaper, name unknown, surfing the area in while stationed on a US patrol boat. A group of Australian surfers claim to have visited Macaronis inlookijg a ferry trip across from Padang.

Strangely, they never went back -- which perhaps says more about the rigours of overland travel in Sumatra than it does about the wave. The islands were - and still are, in places ofr home to extraordinary bands se bull looking for a Minot Sumatran-origin tribesmen, who lived high in the rain forest areas of the larger islands. Indonesia's governing teen emo dating have shown somewhat conflicting attitudes to the islands.

They sometimes appear se bull looking for a Minot be concerned with preserving their natural state and, at other times, open the door to giant tropical hardwood logging corporations and relocating thousands of mainland Javanese people to the area's small port towns. The Mentawai Islands remain a source of intrigue to waveriders worldwide. They are geographically dynamic, some sinking into the ocean, some rising and all of it happening much too quickly for the formation of South Pacific-style coral-limestone atolls.

Check out action-packed photos on the waves, and the relaxed "behind the scenes" vibes from our Minor Threat surfers. Adriano De Souza in action in the Mentawais.