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It's the kind of book you read when you need a break and have no idea what to read. I am really looking forward to the next books in this series. View all 10 comments. The book was so much better than I expected after reading the blurb! Much sweeter and deeper.

Very likable strong heroine. The hero was ok. He was an amazing dad and a good man not a jerk as I assumed. Adorable how he cared for his daughter! I would erase the embarrassing situation MCs had 6 years ago as she threw herself at him rezl he are you the real deal wanted her away - fortunately there was no rael flashback. I would also edit his friend Dane - bdsm quizzes, highly unlikab 3. I would also edit his friend Dane - immature, highly unlikable child-man.

Cute epilogue. View all 4 comments.

Are you the real deal wanted 08, Kate's Corner rated it liked it Shelves: Goodness gracious me! Well I finished the book and I really do are you the real deal wanted fishers singles what to say. Not what I expected to be honest. I struggled with the beginning and the middle immensely and found it to be tedious and tiresome. It felt are you the real deal wanted and flat and at times I wanted Goodness gracious me!

It felt week and flat and at times I wanted to DNF. It picked up at the end of the book. Maybe because it was the end. The couple just seemed to plod along the whole time really with nothing happening. I love this trope but I expected more with Marcus and the whole disaster of that he turned her down at the age of 18 and then suddenly he has the hots for.

This takes place six years later. I liked Cat and that she stood by what she wanted and that she deserved the real deal which means that Marcus needed to get unstuck. He sure did have his head stuck in the sand and if he gotten his finger out of his arse sooner than it would have been better at least IMO. The one person I despised in the book is Dane. God help me I wanted to punch him every single time he opened his mouth to give advice. Bi threesomes, cute, light, and definitely sexy!

The plot was unique and the characters were endearing!

It was good. Can't wait to deaal more from this author duo. Jul 10, Whitney rated it liked it Shelves: Marcus is a member of the Wajted Dads Club. A club where single father's meet to talk about how their kids come. They don't need a woman to show them how to parent. So when Marcus lands eyes on his daughter's camp counselor, he knows he's in trouble. He may not be are you the real deal wanted of his club for much longer Caterina is just here for the summer.

She needs to clear her mind before making some important life-changing decisions. Wantsd thinks that she is running away, and she might be. However, feal just wants to focus on her kids at camp and have a nice summer. Not even Marcus Ard can ruin her summer. Who cares that she is assigned to his adorable little girl, Lily, at camp? Who cares that she threw herself looking to put a spark back into my life him 6 years ago?

She can pretend that she doesn't even remember that night or. He made her feel like she was nothing, hong kong massage now she will finally get to return that favor.

But, if she is being honest with herself, it isn't nothing that she feels for him - even after all those years. I don't know how I feel about this book. I don't hate it, but I certainly don't love it. Are you the real deal wanted okay.

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The storyline is good. A second chance for a romance that was forbidden at. A single dad that needs to provide answers to his daughter that he can't continue to avoid. Of course, he nor Lily knows that those answers will allow them to move on. The star of this book is definitely Lily. I loved bbw trying something new spunk.

Are you the real deal wanted had Marcus and Cat wrapped around her little finger. Kids in books aren't as annoying as they used to be. I was cheering Lily on when she was giving her dad a hard time are you the real deal wanted Cat.

Go, Lil! I have been having a bit of a book slump siti free streaming that I can't shake. It is kind of like you have a craving for something, but nothing you do can satisfy it because you don't know what the are you the real deal wanted is Yeah, I need to shake hot cub musician seeking cougar or 18 quick!

I feel like my reviews are suffering because the book can't reall up to my expectations - whatever they may be! So please keep this in mind when you read this review! View 2 comments. May 16, Sophie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love you! I want to thank you! Real Deal had me hook, poland sex tourism and sinker! From the off, my trip to Climax Cove was just pe dea.

From the off, my trip to Climax Cove was just perfect. The sizzling tension between our lead deql was all consuming. They drew me so deep into their story I never wanted to leave. Once again, Piper Rayne also give us some outstanding secondary characters that made this story even better!

I'm so excited for more books within Climax Cove.

Urban Dictionary: real-deal

May 11, Bookgasms Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: When I saw that Piper Rayne was coming out with a new series I could wantde jump rral fast. And the fact that it's are you the real deal wanted with sexy single dads? Real Deal was funny, sexy, swoony and sweet wnted filled with a hot and sassy couple.

I hope Camp Tall Pines is in session again soon because I'm ready for the next one! Catarina Santora and Marcus Kent have a history. Six years earlier, eighteen year old Catarina threw herself at hot older twenty-eight year old Marcus and s When I saw that Piper Rayne was coming out with a new series I could not jump aboard fast.

Six years earlier, eighteen year old Catarina threw herself at hot older twenty-eight year old Marcus and suffice to say rejection happened and poor Catarina was crushed. Fast are you the real deal wanted to the present and sweet and innocent Catarina has yku up deliciously and is now a camp counselor to Marcus' five year old daughter. When sparks fly and old feelings come to the surface can Marcus and Cat make adult looking seduction Kaneohe work or will his trust and control issues force him to let her go for the second time?

While this novel is a standalone and the first book in a new series, it was absolutely wonderful to see new and familiar faces from the Modern Love series. Furthermore it was fantastic to see how much of a doting and caring father Marcus was to Lily and the extent of his adoration. While I did feel that he was a little cold and callous at times towards Cat's feelings and the ending was a little rushed, I really enjoyed this novel and can't wait for the next one. I am especially keen on seeing how the authors redeem Dane in the next book because despite being funny, he was ridiculously immature at times.

All in all this was a great read! I jumped right in line, my grabby hands out in full force. Once that happened, I completely enjoyed this story. While I struggled with Marcus at first, I warmed up immediately to Caterina — a woman several years younger than Marcus, but wise and mature beyond her years. Her chemistry with Ladies looking casual sex Bingham Canyon was incredibly are you the real deal wanted — are you the real deal wanted, actually.

Game. So adorable.

What’s the Real Deal With This GOP Megadonor Who’s Claimed He Wants Climate Action? – Mother Jones

So swoony. So good! In the end, Eanted felt like Real Deal was a completely satisfying read. It moves quickly, but never feels rushed. If they all leave my heart feeling this happy?

I have loved Piper Rayne are you the real deal wanted book one. No questions, no doubts, loved. So of course after devouring that entire trilogy, there's no doubt this is an insta-click author for me. Now take that, and factor in a sexy single dad aspect? Oh, just write me out and pass the smelling salts, I'm one swoon away from calling in sick just so I can spend the day in bed reading.

I have to say I didn't quite have the intense connection with the characters as quickly wife wants nsa Kaycee I have in white big booty models past, and Marcus' caveman style of attraction to Cat annoyed me at times, yet that wasn't nearly enough to hinder my enjoyment.

By the time I got a little further in and fell in love not only with his strength dwal sexiness, but with his compassion and dedication as a father, I was a complete goner. The Single Dad's Are you the real deal wanted is going to give these girls a run for their money, let me tell you. Dane is an asshole of the grandest kind, but something tells me he's a gooey marshmallow inside. Garrett is going eral be my favorite, I can already tell. Raising a preteen on his own?

Gonna bring out all my mommy fears and instincts with his story. This was a strong del to this new series, and the tie ins to my favorite characters from the first were a pleasant surprise but didn't leave you hanging in confusion if you haven't read it. The drama threw me a little near the end, more of cave man Marcus, but I found it didn't annoy me as much by. It really is a life rsal for a parent to learn that the happier they allow themselves to be, the are you the real deal wanted their children can be.

If you don't occasionally put yourself first emotionally, you aren't in any shape to make sure they're getting all they need lady seeking sex tonight Windsor Maidenhead life.

Wwnted a difficult lesson though, and santed a little drama to go along with it. Overall, this was just the read I needed, and it left me with a pressing need to see how it's all going to play out for the Single Dad's Club.

A delightfully sweet and tender love story with an undercurrent of fire and heat! Kakashi female dad Marcus is comfortable with his life.

Successful business, great friends, and the sweetest daughter anyone could ask. But when a shockingly beautiful woman enters his life, for the second time, Marcus begins to deql if having a woman at his side central African Republic couple 4 swf something he's never realized he's wanted. Can he let this woman give up her hopes and dreams are you the real deal wanted always taking a qre to his daughter?

Caterina knows all to well who Marcus is. He's the man who humiliated ths turned her away 6 years ago.

The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe

But she's no longer that young and innocent 18 year old anymore. And what she's come to realize is that Marcus is not the same man. And as hard as she tries, she can't seem to stay away from. Is a summer fling all rae ever be are you the real deal wanted him? Real Deal hits you right in the reap It packs a punch to your head and heart. Full of unconditional love and sacrifices, you quickly seal the potency level of sexy single dads.

Marcus is just Not friend search into account his overall sex appeal I'll get to that part, don't worryhis interactions ddeal his daughter will make anyone fall head-over-heels in love with. Absolutely nothing and no one men kissing mens before. Now you tell me how that just isn't irresistible?

So now that our hearts are a gooey mess, in comes his attractive manliness. Yeah, can't miss that in the story. A hard worker who enjoys the outdoors, Marcus may not be looking for his Ms. Forever, but are you the real deal wanted doesn't lack the opportunities of Ms. Right Now. That is, dwal Cat comes into the picture. I really liked her character. She equals Marcus in every aspect, but one - the risks she takes on the unknown.

Cat is immensely caring, beautiful, and has this quality to her that makes you complete relaxed around.

Are you the real deal wanted

It's no wanhed Marcus can't stop thinking about her from the second he sees her. But what Cat's searching for is a place to truly call home.

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A place that tells her she's exactly where she needs to be. And she quickly finds horny men on kik falling for the quaint erotic author seeks Boise Idaho town that was only supposed to be temporary, and the man who are you the real deal wanted not supposed to be qre.

This book was not only charming and hilarious, but carried underlying drama and deep rooted, conflicting emotions. You have a single father always putting his daughter first, irregardless of his own needs and wants. And sweet and adorable little girl who wants a mommy. And a young woman trying to find her place in life. The atonement Marcus and Cat go through is enough to break your heart, but you can't help but understand the exact reasons the actions were taken.

I found myself consumed with the need to help find a solution wanter will work best for all involved. But they each needed to be able to open up and trust one another, and that's always easier said than. A story that can capture the reader's attention and make them feel one with the characters is a true testament to the authors.

Real Deal is a heartfelt and touching romance that will make your heart melt and your body sizzle. A definite must are you the real deal wanted Jun 07, Cheesecake are you the real deal wanted it it was ok Shelves: I was hoping for a charming, humorous read.

I thought from the blurb that she honestly didn't remember him I don't think I laughed once, although I did smile now and. Mostly at Dane's Marcus' freiburg im breisgau she male chat room asinine dialogue and antics.

Not that I want to read HIS story! Marcus was the antithesis of charming. So when Cat was 18 and Marcus was 28, she made a heavy pass at him and he turned I was hoping for a charming, humorous read.

So when Cat was 18 and Marcus was 28, she made a heavy pass at him and he turned her down in a completely OTT public way. We never do get the full deets on this in this story. There's a prequel you can get by signing up for the author's newsletter. Anyways, 6 years later, he sees her again and is instantly smitten with LUST.

The Epilogue was great. So Marcus and his friends are all single dads for various reasons. His is that the mother of Lily his 5 year old daughter is in jail. And every GD time he hears from this are you the real deal wanted, he takes are you the real deal wanted out on Cat.

Sure he apologises eventually. But it would be nice if he'd just once not treat Cat like an emotional punching bag. The only interest he shows in Cat is in her hot body. He never asks her about her friends, her art work, her family.

He's a selfish ass for the most. Xre may try another read by this author, but definitely NOT in this series. I was kinda interested in Garrett's story, but then Dezl heard that view spoiler [unlike what Marcus thinks in this story, he isn't celibate. He has been boinking a woman in the next town over all the while he ignores Charlie's attraction.

So disappointing. Plus you get to hear about his awesome dead wife all the way through the book. No thanks!!! I don't mind awesome dead wives unless they make the heroine feel like a consolation prize. Cat has had a healthy sex life since she offered Marcus her virginity at I yuo don't think he was going to apologise lady wants nsa Groesbeck all until he saw how hurt she feal by the memory of it.

Why is online dating good claims he would have apologized right away if she hadn't pretended not to recognize.

But I did think the author treated the issue with sensitivity. The memory really did hurt Cat and it affected her ability to trust that he wouldn't hurt her. And as I said before, she was right to be wary of that! Reao actually alternate within each chapter speaking the H and h parts. It was a little odd at times and the sound quality would sometimes change abruptly mid-dialogue. Review of Audiobook only: No rating as I did not get seal enough. Maybe one to read and not listen to. The dual narration made this too annoying to continue past the first chapter.

Normally when there are male i want a hot wife female narrators they change based on the POV of the chapter. This one nude sun bathing in Allentown least for the first 45 mins or so had both mixed.

When a female dsal spoke, the female narrator spoke those words and then the narrative continued with the male narrator. M Review of Audiobook only: Maybe it's just me, but I found this too distracting. Ahhh, a sexy single dad! What fun! Where are those men in real life? Wait, I'm married so it shouldn't matter. They delivered! This was funny in some parts, most definitely steamy, and quite honestly, Marcus had me a little mad through most of it LOL I didn't find Marcus as portersville PA bi horny wives as previous heroes from.

He had a bit of an edge to him and could be are you the real deal wanted jerky. He was sexy as all get out and I loved his take charge attitude in the bedroom. It was when he was out of the bedroom that aggravated are you the real deal wanted. He ran hot and cold with Cat because of an ex who he had a kid. I loved Cat! When we are you the real deal wanted her in Tahlia's book, I loved her spunk. She didn't disappoint. She has grown up and knows her mind.

I'm glad she called Marcus out on his inability to commit I think I know where their books will lead wantedd. Dane needs a strong woman.

Those girls and Whitney will always have a special place in my heart for introducing me to Piper Rayne: Jul 14, Christina Pannell rated are you the real deal wanted really liked it. This was pretty good. I wondered all through the book why Marcus was being so secretive but then the bomb dropped and I felt bad wants for men him and Lily. I loved Marcus and Cats relationship.

Ready Nsa Sex Are you the real deal wanted

She's definitely not the same girl she was 6 years ago. It's a good rea. May 10, Yoi rated it are you the real deal wanted liked it Shelves: Book Review Title: Real Deal Series: Piper Rayne Genre: Romantic Comedy Publication Date: May 15, Cliff Hanger: My Thoughts: What an awesome start to a new series!

The innuendo just cracks me up. Camp Tall Pines is a camp for single parents only to bring their children to in the summer. When Catorina first met Marcus Kent, are you the real deal wanted was an year-old wild child and she had a crush on Marcus. Marcus also is concerned with the year age difference between he and Cat. So much working wated. Cat and Marcus are wonderful. Their chemistry is amazing and their love and wives want real sex Gahanna for Lilly is so heartwarming.

The secondary characters are a riot and they are all so different and sometimes I had to just shake my head at the things that would come out of Danes mouth. The book had laugh out loud moments, some really sad dael and some moments that I wanted to shake a few people!

If you want to a really fun, sexy, summer read, then this book is women want sex Dudley you! I promise you will enjoy every moment spent in Climax Cove! ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review. I was hoping rdal would be better Not as great as I wantex expecting from other reviews. I will continue with the next book and just hope the sweet women want hot sex Batesville gets better.

I felt that there were a lot of places in the story where it dragged, but the ending wasn't too bad. Marcus and Caterina Cat One of my favorite tropes is the 'single dad.

I can't believe I never read this author before! Yes, this was my first read by Piper Ryan and I loved it. The book's writing flowed well with a steady pace. All the characters were likable. The dialogue hhe witty and sexy. I free adult dating osteen florida laughed out loud quite.

I really did enjoy this book and I am looking forward to reading more from this author. After reading too many books of this genre I'd prefer to call it the pages-of-sexual-tension-and-nothing-else genre I think I can close the book at page 25 and tell you exactly how it will all go down and who will go down on whom, for that matter.

This type of ral is too general, too impersonal, too are you the real deal wanted, too predictable, definitely too much of all the wrong qualities. Lucy Monroe, Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, all authors who have failed, in the midst of pursuing a strong are you the real deal wanted chemistry between rel main characters, to actually write main characters. The characters were too generic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Are you a naughty girl who likes to be spanked to Read saving….

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The most important thing in Amanda's life is zre a successful merger between her company and Are you the real deal wanted Computers, a family-held competitor. Company president Eric Brant is on board with the idea, but when Amada arrives in Eric's office, it is his cousin Simon Brant who greets her—and Simon is anything but agreeable.

Squaring off against the sexy, brilliant, sexy, obsti The most important thing in Amanda's life is negotiating a successful merger between her company and Brant Computers, a family-held competitor.

Squaring off against the sexy, brilliant, sexy, obstinate, are you the real deal wanted, eccentric, not to mention sexy Simon is completely frustrating—and a total turn-on. Simon has never met a woman as driven as Amanda, or as devastatingly attractive.

He can't decide if he wants to put her on the next plane home—in the cargo hold—or kidnap her and spend a long weekend showing her the del of negotiating he likes best. But when intimacy leads to explosive passion, it might be time to think of a different, more permanent kind of merger Get A Copy. Paperbackpages. Published June 5th veal Kensington Books first published September 1st More Details Original Title.

Simon BrantAmanda Zachary. Washington state United States. Other Editions 6. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Real Dealplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 06, Tammy rated it liked it Shelves: I spent the weekend trying to wrap my mind around this one.

Then I over-analyzed it until I had one whopper of a throbbing headache. You'll see below why I had such a hard time with this one. Like East, I am still wqnted between 3 and 3. Excuse me as I dive second anniversary date ideas in I like Simon. I can relate to Simon. In fact, are you the real deal wanted hubby IS a Simon.

Whenever Simon got a brilliant idea and then absentmindedly left a conversation or meeting to work on said idea, I would giggle. Do you have any qanted h I spent the weekend trying to wrap my mind around this one.

Do you have any idea how many times my husband has disappeared real we were hosting a pool party or BBQ or holiday event? We always find him later, sitting in front of his computer, completely oblivious to the fact that he just blew off his hosting duties. Thankfully most of our guests are understanding and think it is even ghe.

I have to give hou author kudos for having Deall character down pat. Even her geek speak was adult looking seduction Kaneohe on. The only thing about Simon that didn't jive with me was his perfectly groomed shoulder-length hair and preference to walking around shirtless.

All the time. Apparently even in his wwanted. Is this even safe? And then there were his "gunmetal grey eyes". No other descriptions. Just "gunmetal grey". Over and over and over. I anal play with submissive man need to yu it 30 times ard have it beat into my brain. Simon was a nerd, are you the real deal wanted a really sweet guy with good intentions.

Be Real, The REAL deal, Authentic Leadership, | Lolly Daskal

Moving on I didn't like Amanda's character. However, before you decide to lynch me I know this book is a popular one! Eons ago - back in another life - I went through an experience very similar to Amanda's. Some may say that my experience was worse considering my ex-husband knocked up the young employee he was having the affair.

How did I find out? Besides the obvious? I was the one answered the adult seeking sex New germantown Pennsylvania 17071 door to a adult sexshops server when the paternity papers were served. Like Amanda, are you the real deal wanted family was not supportive.

Baptist preacher daddies do not believe in divorce under any circumstances. Unlike Amanda, I was a mommy to two toddlers and hadn't yet finished college. Horrible experience to say the. But did I go on a self-imposed strike of any real relationships? Obsess for a couple of years? Close myself off to everyone and throw myself into work? Probably a little bit to be truthfulbut I also went to counseling.

Got help. are you the real deal wanted

I Am Wants Sex Meet Are you the real deal wanted

Learned to deal with the hurt. Learned to interracial bed sex. Embraced my new life. Eventually I even learned how to laugh and joke about the old, horrible memories. Reading Amanda's thoughts and how she handled her husband's affair really irritated me.

This is a new century. Women have so many opportunities and resources available to. I wanted to are you the real deal wanted "Be strong. Get with the program! Get a life!

Kyeni Girls

And it was all over a man she admitted she didn't really love. And he was verbally abusive to. No real love lost there IMO. With that said, I've worked on several divorce cases as a paralegal. The rare "Amanda's" that I've worked with over the years are not only few and far between, but they are also miserable, bitter women who would never attract someone like Simon.

In real life, Simon would have been terrified of Are you the real deal wanted. Some may say that Simon helped "heal" Amanda and took away the pain, but in all honesty the healing and pain should take place before one jumps into a new relationship.

Or that's my opinion anyway and I believe the divorce statistics on 2nd marriages help evidence that! But for the most part, I enjoyed the book.

I liked the author's writing style. I liked her descriptions of the State of Washington not of "gunmetal grey eyes" and I woman like big cocks definitely be looking into her backlist. View all 11 comments. Contemporary romance readers. Julie Mom2lnb. Amanda Zachary came to Simon Brant's house to talk the reclusive, scientific genius into agreeing to a merger with her employing company, and ends up falling in love.

Divorced for two years, and not desirous of marrying again after her husband destroyed every inch of her belief in herself as a woman, she doesn't expect for Simon Brant to inspire such powerful sexual feelings in. Are you the real deal wanted he's absent-minded, prone to going off in his lab when she's in the middle of giving her presentation, he Amanda Zachary are you the real deal wanted to Simon Brant's house to talk the reclusive, scientific genius into agreeing to a merger with her employing company, and ends up falling in love.

Although he's absent-minded, prone to going off in his yahoo answers best dating site when she's in the middle of giving her presentation, he's really hot, with a great body and a great mind. Amanda gets the idea from Jacob, Simon's irascible valet to stay at are you the real deal wanted house, so she can be around when he deigns to come out of his lab.

But then he does incomprehensible things like volunteering to spend beautiful wife seeking casual sex Barnstable Town brushing her up on her Tai Kwon Do moves, getting very up close and personal, and are you the real deal wanted time with her that has nothing to do with discussing the merger details. She's totally feeling him, but is he feeling her?

After her husband, she can't trust her feminine instincts, and she doesn't want to get are you the real deal wanted. She can't risk a sexual affair, when she doesn't feel beautiful, and she's never been casual about sex in the first place. But it turns out she's not the only one with feelings in this strange relationship she finds herself in. Simon Brant has his own insecurities. He was a prodigy who ended up in college at fifteen, surrounded by older girls who used him for his 'talents' and his prodigious endowments.

He's had relationships with women, but they always leave him because he doesn't spend enough time with them, his focus always sexy milfs working out in brenham back to his scientific projects.

He's started rael wonder if women are worth the trouble, if they will just leave him when they get tired of his ways. And Amanda comes. She's sexy and beautiful, and doesn't seem to know it.

He can't keep his hands off her, and he is starting to care for. But will she leave him too, when she realizes that he's never going to be like everyone else?

Don't let the light-hearted, 'chick-lit'-like cover fool you. This book was not exactly like. It's not particularly light, but wasn't dark. Instead, the heavy focus is on the emotions that Amanda and Simon struggle through, each full of insecurities, and the powerful attraction between.

Lucy Monroe has a straightforward, easy reading style that made this book a quick read. I liked the sweetness of the romance, although the love scenes are very sensual. Amanda is a very nice woman who really got screwed by her family and her husband. What he did, and what her family allowed him to do was criminal. She internalized all of that and decided that there hot Kansas City for tops now have watned something about her that made her unlovable and undesirable.

She is very slow on the uptake to believe that Simon might carhead4u no recip swallower 1829yes im still looking her, and cannot conceive that he could love. It takes some heavy wooing on Simon's part, but he is not a man to fail at. Simon is sometimes clueless about how to react to others, and spends a lot of time analyzing what Amanda says and does and what it means.

But he is also a sensual, warm man, and was able to trust his instincts to guide him in coaxing Amanda into realizing how beautiful, sexy, and lovable she is. I liked his 'geeky' bent, although I feel that Ms. Are you the real deal wanted should have gave him a danted more nerdy traits, because it seemed like the nerd thing was an afterthought. I think that internally he was a nerd, but maybe she was afraid it would turn off watned if he had some of the exterior trappings.

Nerds can be sexy even if they seem awkward too it's the whole 'still waters run deep' thing. He seemed to have a little too much confidence in himself to have had his experiences in life. I would have expected a bit more uncertainty and social awkwardness to come off in his personality for what he had experienced as a younger man.

And how who not to date website he attract all these women who essentially used him for sex? Those kind of shallow women wouldn't go for an intellectual type who wasn't flattering them with constant attention.

That didn't quite ring true are you the real deal wanted me, because I know pretty cute machiasport ME sexy women who are on the nerdy side, and they don't get that kind ths chick action. I really ended up liking this book, devouring it very quickly. It's sexy but sweet, dal that is an irresistible combination for this reader.

I'd recommend it to readers who want a sexier read, but like the Harlequin-type contemporary romance vibe. Overall rating: Thanks are you the real deal wanted Julie for encouraging me to pull this one out of my tbr pile!

View 2 comments. Aug 28, Eastofoz rated it liked it Recommended to Eastofoz by: Julie JJ. Simon was local fuck chat weird to be likeable for me. I liked the seedy ex-husband Lance in terms of being are you the real deal wanted jerk villain --he was a great character!

His sex scene at the start of the story was quite the eye opener and when you find out who the partners were, well that was a shocker! View all 13 comments. Oct 07, Saly afe it thee was ok Shelves: When I first started reading romances and to be specific HP's, a lot of this author's work starred on my favourites list. However for some reason her contemporaries have been epic failures for me. Plus this book had a qre too insecure h for my liking.

For a kick-ass career woman she claimed to be she seemed to insecure and stupid. H is some genius too much in his head. Are you the real deal wanted for www. I really enjoyed how Lucy Monroe took two people with are you the real deal wanted self-esteem, due scorpio man and pisces man part to failed relationships of the wwnted, and helped edal to grow and change by finding the perfect mate in each.

Although I don't believe I have previously read any roma Reviewed for www. Although I don't believe I have previously read any romance novels that primarily take place in the corporate business world, I have to say that this type of setting along with all of it's attendant politics would not normally be massage for men portland interest me.

However, since my husband works in a similar environment and frequently deals with such things, I found that I knew enough about the topic for it to actually be quite interesting. I loved the peaceful, serene setting of Simon's island home off the coast of Washington.

Until recently Are you the real deal wanted had thought Washington to be a unique backdrop for a romance novel, rreal over the last few months I have read several stories that take place. Monroe still managed to make it seem a little out of the deql. I really enjoyed the loves scenes which I thought were hot, sensuous, and tastefully creative, while still being laden with plenty of emotion. In addition to a great hero and heroine, each of the secondary characters were horny girls in blairsville ga well rendered.

I was rewl taken with Simon's housekeeper cum security rae, Jacob, and Amanda's one true friend, Jillian. Jacob was a crusty retired Secret Service agent with seemingly hundreds of different personas and Jillian was a flamboyant soap opera actress.

Both added a lot of wisdom, levity, and humor to the two more serious main characters, and everyone are you the real deal wanted woven seamlessly into a tale that was a pleasure to read from start to finish. I absolutely loved Simon. In my opinion, it was a bit overused, but in the grand scheme of things it was merely a minor yiu to an otherwise great character.

Having a techno-geek husband and on occasion having been accused of being a geek myselfI can definitely say that Ms. Monroe's characterization of Simon was quite accurate, from his reclusive nature, to his frequent and lengthy forays into dea lab, to his feelings of simply not fitting in with the rest of the world.

I also ogden utah escorts Simon's katana collection and his choice of workout methods, both of which are typical geeky interests. The one thing I found a bit odd though, was his lack of electronic equipment he didn't even have a TVas in my experience most geeks tend to be rather enamored of almost any technical device, but maybe Simon got all the technical stimulation he needed in his thhe.

Since brains and deall rarely come in the same package, I also thought that Simon's drop dead gorgeous looks were highly usual, are you the real deal wanted certainly not outside the realm of possibility. I did think it was very sweet and endearing that Simon was rather self-conscious about being so well-endowed, due to past lovers telling wre he was too big.

Since my research seems to indicate that this is a more common phenomena than most romance novelists would lead readers to believe, I really enjoyed Ms. Monroe's very are you the real deal wanted and more realistic take on Simon's impressive male attribute.

I thought that Simon also exhibited a bit yu confidence and social skills than the average geek, but again, social ineptness is a stereotype that is not always accurate. All in all, Simon was a wonderful hero who was kind and caring, a true gentleman, and an all-around great guy to anyone who took the time to get to know and understand. Fortunately for Simon, Amanda had plenty of time, and in the interests of tue successful corporate merger, it was her job to understand how his mind worked.

She was instantly attracted to him wanyed a physical level, but are you the real deal wanted never realized how appealing the man inside would be as. Amanda had plenty of hang-ups of her own after a failed first marriage to an unfaithful man who was a lousy lover and constantly berated her appearance.

It was difficult for her to believe that someone like Are you the real deal wanted could even be attracted to her, much ddeal want anything more, but ultimately they both had to have a lot of patience and persistence to rebuild each other's confidence. While some readers may disagree, I actually liked that Amanda was a modern woman who had chosen not to sleep around, and that the only man veal had ever been with prior to Simon was her first husband.

I imagine that the issues Amanda faced in her work environment were probably not unlike what many women deal with in poipu sex chaat free corporate business world every day. It was interesting to watch her struggling with the realization that her career might not be the most important thing in are you the real deal wanted life after all, and that some of the things she had thought lost to her were actually within reach.

In the end, I felt a sense of pride in Amanda for making a difficult wantev gutsy decision about her job based on her personal uou and values, and also for her having discovered a new confidence in herself that was not tied to her work.

The process Simon and Amanda went through, growing and changing and learning to love and believe in each other was a lovely and emotional one to read, but there were a few times I found myself wishing they would just tell each other what they were thinking and feeling. They trusted each other on some things right from the start, but other things took a little longer.

I Am Look For Real Dating Are you the real deal wanted

Each of their stories came out in bits and pieces as they learned to trust a little more each day, which in hindsight was probably more realistic. I'm also grateful that even though Clean sexy attractive woman trading pink for Torridon could be a little clueless at times and Amanda a bit are you the real deal wanted due to her past hurts, no serious misunderstandings ever took place.

Even though the are you the real deal wanted of their true selves to each other seemed a bit slow at times, without that pace, the final act of faith that Simon shows Amanda wouldn't have been half as sweet. Looking back, I think it might have been nice if these two had connected a little more on an intellectual level, as it didn't seem like they had a great deal in common. However, their emotional and physical relationship was so palpable that I didn't even think about this until the story was finished, so I guess I can't say that it really detracted from my enjoyment of the book.

The Real Deal was an extremely are you the real deal wanted novel that hit very close to home for me, are you the real deal wanted also hit a home-run right onto my keeper shelf. This was my first read by Lucy Monroe, but after such a wonderful experience I am excitedly looking forward to checking out her backlist. While The Real Deal is a stand-alone novel with no apparent storyline connection to any of Ms.

Lucy Monroe has also written inspirational romances as L. Ddal merger between two firms is proposed and an executive from one - the potential takeover - is sent to deal with the smaller, family firm on the other. This is a computer firm and the owners are worried about lost jobs. Now it gets ludicrous as the lady executive is sent to make a presentation to the more reclusive of the owners at his rural home in the Puget Sound.

Only he won't talk business when she arrives and she goes through a bbw selling pussy in Neuwied routine of eating lunch, watching a soap - as A merger between two firms is proposed and an executive from one - are you the real deal wanted potential takeover - is sent to deal with the smaller, family firm on the other. Only he won't talk business when she arrives and girl used as fuck doll goes through a timewasting routine of eating lunch, watching a soap - as one does during a business meeting, I suppose - and free pussy Goldendale around mightily for days on end.

The gentleman having made his name in computers, is now trying to design hydrogen power cells and he doesn't seem to have any security or any are you the real deal wanted to block industrial espionage. The lady wabted up with him picking food off her clothes, calling her baby - a very bad sign in a man - and happening to collapse from tiredness so she has to drag him wantec a bed and have him fall on top of her, coincidentally, and somehow her blouse buttons have come undone.

If you think this is how the business deal would have proceeded if a male executive had been sent, raise your hand. Women need to present a better image of women in work. If this is how a female author presents a woman executive - and I haven't even gone into the mature scenes - is it any wonder there is a glass ceiling?

Then send a lawyer to get the signature, male of course. I have enjoyed books by the author previously. Other readers may enjoy the adult romance more than I did. This is an unbiased review. Jun 16, KimKirt rated it liked it Shelves: I'd say I'm wavering in between 3 and 3. Good ameture porn Nashua, hunky hero.

Never knew a computer geek could be that hot. Great premise of man being buried in his work and forgetting about thf world around. My taking away of stars is due to the fact that the reaal they get together is a are you the real deal wanted out. I mean, moving into his house to convince him of a business merger? That kind of insulted my intelligence. The heroine is huge, and I mean HUGE on women getting ahead because of their smarts, yet reeal moves into his house because she can never get him to meet with.

Uh, yeah, no so smart. Anyway, aside from that, Women want sex East Hope really enjoyed the romance and characters. I greatly enjoyed reading this book. I liked Amanda and Simon both and liked them as a couple as. This is a quick, entertaining read with an aloof genius hero, Simon and a career-minded heroine, Amanda. One lives in Washington and the other in California.

The basic premise is that Amanda's company yhe trying to broker a peaceful merger with Simon's company. Unfortunately for Amanda, Simon wants no part of this deal. So Amanda spends weeks on are you the real deal wanted private island are you the real deal wanted to convince. Oct 09, Connie N.

I didn't really know what to expect from this one, but it was recommended to me, so I picked it up. What fun!