Silk'n Laser Hair RemovalWhat makes Silk’n Flash & Go hair removal stand out from the rest of the devices we’ve reviewed is its affordable price. Compared to professional laser hair removal systems the Silk’n hair removal machine is a bargain. This FDA approved device uses Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology in order to remove hair permanently.

Sil’ N Hair Removal Removes Hair Permanently

What we like about the Silk’n Hair removal machine is that it can be used on the body and face. The Silk n’Flash’s ergonomic design makes treating the bikini area or any area with curves a cinch. The applicator spot size is 4 cm which makes it easy to treat smaller and larger areas.

The Silk n’ Flash & Go is ideal for those with lighter skin tones and black to brown hair. Another great feature is the bult-in smart sensor which automatically detects if the skin has too much pigment for treatment for your safety. The unit plugs into the wall which means you won’t have to worry about the battery drying out before you’re finished.

Fast & Noticeable Results With Flash & Go Hair Removal

Most users notice much finer and lighter hair re-growth with just 2-4 treatments with Silk N’ Flash & Go Hair Removal. 80% of users noticed a noticeable reduction after three months of consistent use. Cartridges are required so even though the price is on the affordable side for a permanent hair removal system you will need to purchase refills.

Maximizing Treatment Results

For best results, the manufacturer recommends to start with clean, shaven skin (not waxed) and to progress rapidly to high energy levels (as your comfort allows). You’ll generally achieve optimum results at the higher treatment levels.

The Silk’n Hair Removal Machine Is Affordable

What we like best about Silk’n laser hair removal device is its affordable price tag. The technology is not state-of-the-art laser as with the Tria laser but it’s an effective machine that’s a bit easier on the pocket book. It’s one of the most affordable options out there as far as permanent hair removal is concerned.

What Users Had To Say About Silk’n Laser Hair Removal Device

Users who left Flash & Go reviews on Amazon reported slower and finer hair regrowth. Pain levels were noted as tolerable and one reviewer noted it was similar to being snapped with a rubber band.  Areas like the bikini and underarm areas were reported to be more uncomfortable to treat compared to the leg area.

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  • Technology
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
Pros: Affordable; one of the most budget-friendly laser hair removal machines we've reviewed, plugs into the wall so you won't run out of batteries before you're finished.
Cons: Cartridges required