The Remington IPL6000P I-Light Pro Plus is a FDA cleared and clinically proven machine which offers permanent results in as little as three treatments.

What I like best about the Remington IPL6000P I-Light Pro Plus is its relatively affordable price and fast treatment times. During clinical testing, participants had 66% less hair after three sessions. The ideal candidate for this device has light/medium skin and naturally brown to black hair.

Remington IPL6000P I-Light Pro Plus IPL Technology

This Remington laser hair removal machine uses IPL technology in order to destroy hair at the follicle and prevent it from growing again. IPL technology is used in many dermatologists’ offices which means similar results at a much more affordable price. One of the Remington’s best features is how fast it takes to treat areas thanks to the ultra-fast flash rate. .

When it comes to IPL technology, the Remington IPL6000P I-Light Pro offers one of the highest energy levels for an at home laser hair removal machine with a fluence of 7-8 J/ cm2.  It also has a high pulse duration which means high levels of energy are output in order to destroy hair follicles.

Not Suitable Face Use

One thing I don’t like about the Remington IPL6000P I-Light Pro Plus is that it wasn’t designed for face use. The company states that it should not be used anywhere near the face, head, ears or neck and under no circumstance should it ever be used near the eyes (perfectly understandable since it is a laser after all).

Remington Laser Hair Removal Features & Specis 

The I-Light Pro is compact and easy to use. The unit contains a power base and hand piece and comes with a cartridge ready to use with 1500 flashes which should be good enough for up to three full body treatments. A skin tone sensor is in place in order to detect if your skin is suitable for the treatment. 5 adjustment levels are available allowing you to select the level that is most comfortable for you. This device plugs into the wall which means you can treat areas one right after the other without having to recharge.

Cartridges Required

The Remington Laser Hair Removal Machine requires cartridge refills which can be an inconvenience. Despite the cost it’s still very affordable when compared with professional permanent hair removal services.


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  • Technology
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
Pros: Affordable option to professional laser treatments, FDA approved, no charging required.
Cons: Not recommended for face use, cartridge refills required